Health Care

We have provided consulting and development services integrating existing EHRs systems with Direct Protocol and RHIO platforms.

Industry Solutions

We help communications companies generate more value from their assets, bringing new products and services to market in a faster and more cost-effective way. We work closely with our clients to create the technology and business capabilities that help them outperform their competition.


Seygen believes in investing time to understand and identify the right architecture prior to building any application. For existing applications, we provide a short-term and a long-term road map for an application. Applying the right tool is part of solving the puzzle. This involves reviewing a"Build v/s Buy" decision. We provide our clients with the options and recommendations that enable them to select the right tools taking into account their cost v/s risk factor.


Seygen provides outsourced services in the areas listed below. Outsourcing helps the clients focus on their core competencies. Seygen uses its in-house tools and solutions to define, plan and meet SLA targets. These tools are made available to the clients providing the transparency needed in managing large projects.


At Seygen, we have been helping our customers maximize their information infrastructure investment by providing new technology solutions for their existing and new business needsBased on existing investments made by clients or application needs, we have integrated various Off-the-shelf products from Sun, Oracle,Microsoft and other vendors to provide a quick solution to our clients. A configure and deploy approach provides a quicker turn-around time limiting the need to build any custom application. We have built Dashboards, helped identify and mine information from ware-houses to provide reporting on Telecom (ordering / billing / provisioning) and Finance (trading) domains.