At Seygen, we have been helping our customers maximize their information infrastructure investment by providing new technology solutions for their existing and new business needs.

Application Integration

Based on existing investments made by clients or application needs, we have integrated various Off-the-shelf products from Sun, Oracle,Microsoft and other vendors to provide a quick solution to our clients. A configure and deploy approach provides a quicker turn-around time limiting the need to build any custom application.
We have built Dashboards, helped identify and mine information from ware-houses to provide reporting on Telecom (ordering / billing / provisioning) and Finance (trading) domains.

Commercial Off-the-shelf Solutions

The implementations from Seygen have ranged from simple client-server to large distributed applications. We have used commercial tools including those from HP, Microsoft, Sun, BEA, Oracle and IBM. The specializations included business process/workflow, business intelligence, messaging, database mining and warehousing, collaboration and application frameworks.

Open Source

Seygen has been building several integration services around Open Source platforms that became a cornerstone in managing projects and deliverables for a large telecom company. This included LAMJ tool-set along with an open source BPM tool which helped the client deploy services based on quickly changing needs.
An Ordering application was fit with a BPM tool and Open source rules engine using LAMJ tool-set to fix rules and improve flow-through.


Seygen has implementated multiple solutions using Microservices on Java and .Net platforms for our clients that provide reusability and scalability of business functions. We have successfully implemented solutions based on microservices in Telecom and Health care domains.
Our implementations include building Business services, Orchestration and incremental approach in moving silo applications to the newer paradigm.


Seygen has implemented Serverless solutions for clients based on private cloud and public cloud infrastructure like AWS. Solutions built using open source tools like Spring boot and microservices provide a cost-effective way to build a private cloud environment.
Seygen has also built solutions using public cloud platforms like AWS using both serverless model with API Gateways and traditional server model on AWS based on client’s needs.