Seygen provides outsourced services in the areas listed below. Outsourcing helps the clients focus on their core competencies.

The SEYGEN difference

Seygen uses its in-house tools and solutions to define, plan and meet SLA targets. These tools are made available to the clients providing the transparency needed in managing large projects.
Application Services

Seygen works closely with you to maintain, adapt and develop your applications in order to minimize cost and maximize quality and flexibility. Application Services span the entire SDLC – from Design to Deployment and mainentance.

Quality Assurance Services

Maximize your IT investment – test it!
Seygen’s Application Testing Services drive quality throughout the application development lifecycle. These services include validating the design, functionality and performance of the application through test execution. Our end-to-end testing approach includes testing strategy, execution and management, combined with an optimal mix of manual and automated testing processes.
In case of complex applications where current tool-sets have not been able to test end-end scenarios, Seygen has optimized IT testing environments by creating Simulators that acheive the objective.

Application Maintenance

Seygen’s Application Maintenance services include maintaining applications, Change Management, Deployment, Issue tracking and resolutions. This helps the clients keep their IT costs lean with maximum uptime of applications.
Offshore Services

Seygens global tieups helps us provide cost-effective solutions to our customers round-the-clock, while providing development and support services at complementary timezones.