Health Care IT Systems

Seygen Technologies has provided consulting, development and IT infrastructure management services for Health care IT providers.

EHR – ┬áDirect Integration

  • Implemented Direct protocol integration with existing EHR systems to provide Secure email infrastructure built on top of MS Exchange and MS Certificate server technologies
  • Implemented Conversions from various formats HL7, CCD and others from Native EHR formats
  • Gateway infrastructure built to manage Direct mail delivery and receipt and encrypt/decryption functions


EHR – NHIN Integration

  • HISP/ RHIO functions built with Patient lookup services using MDM solution
  • Provides EHR with a way to register various patient documents on an Edge Server
  • Allows external authenticated / authorized HISPs lookup Patient records and retrieve Patient documents
  • EHR integration to perform lookup on external HISP and retrieve Patient records