Seygen has been providing software development support for the shipping industry by creating applications that help Freight Forwarders manage their consignments, inventory and finances.

Transport Management System for Freight Forwarders

The Transport Management System was built for Freight Forwarders who need to track all their shipping needs and want to keep control of their data. The application tracks shipments and all their locations in a centralized system.
The major components of the system include:

  • Consignment Entry
  • Quotation Entry
  • Search all your data by customer, VIN and more
  • Customer Center
  • Accounting can track all your invoices, bills, payments, credits and more
  • Vendor Center
  • Administration Functions to setup ports, users, offices and more



Seygen has been providing exclusive services to help Strategy Focused Firms have a stable trading infrastructure.

FIX Ordering

We have been providing engineering support for developing and testing FIX trading engines.
We have also implemented customized solutions to monitor and track stock trades:

  • A trade monitoring dashboard to watch real-time the trades done by brokers, and provide alerts on configurable events such as trade volumes and symbols
  • Data integration with various feed providers to drive reports
  • Data integration between exchanges and brokers to get trades for the day, reports, feed generation to exchanges
  • Generation of custom reports that provide holistic and individual view of client accounts

Wealth Management
We have engaged with multiple clients to help build and scale proprietary Wealth management applications that help manage a client’s wealth portfolio.

  • Wealth management, Client tracking
  • Data integration with various feed providers for Equity and MF
  • Brokerage reports
  • Advisory automation to clients



We help communications companies generate more value from their assets, bringing new products and services to market in a faster and more cost-effective way. We work closely with our clients to create the technology and business capabilities that help them outperform their competition.

Telecom OSS & BSS

We have significant and in-depth experience in Telecom Ordering and Billing domains. We have been deilvering end-to-end order management solutions featuring :

  • Automated flow-through ordering and provisioning to expedite the delivery of products
  • Integration of disparate ordering, billing and provisioning applications
  • Integration of Trouble management systems to track and enable Reps to quickly fix faults
  • Solutions using Business Process Management tools to help design and deploy process changes at a rapid pace
  • Scalable & clustered applications to ensure 24×7 Uptime and Redundancy

Seygen has built Telco Gateways that are highly configurable to internconnect disparate OSS and BSS systems and allow transparent and controlled flow of information.
We also have experience building Ordering Warehouse and Dashboards help the customer isolate issues and provide the correct remedy quickly.