Seygen Enabling Success

Why Seygen

Seygen –Enabling Success

We specialize in creative solutions for multiple industry domains addressing a variety of business needs. We do not compromise on quality while providing cost-effectiveness. Our solutions include customized services using commercial off shelf solutions and our own toolkits. The major areas that we focus are:

  • Strategic Software Project & Program Management
  • Planning & Operations Tracking
  • Business Analysis
  • Technology and System Integration
  • Custom Software Development
  • Management Consulting

Facilities We Provide


We have provided consulting and development services integrating existing EHRs systems with Direct Protocol and RHIO platforms. Implemented Direct Protocol integration with existing EHR systems to provide Secure email infrastructure built on top of MS Exchange and MS Certificate.

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Seygen believes in investing time to understand and identify the right architecture prior to building any application. For existing applications, we provide a short-term and a long-term road map for an application. Applying the right tool is part of solving the puzzle.

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At Seygen, we have been helping our customers maximize their information infrastructure investment by providing new technology solutions for their existing and new business needs based on existing investments made by clients or application needs, we have integrated various Off-the-shelf products.

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Seygen has been providing software development support for the shipping industry by creating applications that help Freight Forwarders manage their consignments, inventory and finances. The Transport Management System was built for Freight Forwarders who need to track all their shipping needs and want to keep control of their data.

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We help communications companies generate more value from their assets, bringing new products and services to market in a faster and more cost-effective way. We work closely with our clients to create the technology and business capabilities that help them outperform their competition.

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Seygen has been providing exclusive services to help Strategy Focused Firms have a stable trading infrastructure. We have been providing engineering support for developing and testing FIX trading engines. We have also implemented customized solutions to monitor and track stock trade.

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Seygen Message Exchange (SMX)

Seygen uses SMX Platform which is a highly configurable to inter-connect disparate applications and systems and allow transparent and controlled flow of information.

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Seygen has expertise in providing mobile integration and applications for various clients. This includes stand-alone applications as well as Mobile-ERP solutions.

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